Break The Cycle

When you start to get into a negative mindset it can become very difficult to break that cycle. You know that you should be looking for the positive in the situation that it isn’t going to get better unless you do that as there is always going to be the negative there but if you don’t focus on that then you can start to break the cycle.

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1st Blog Birthday

One year of doing a blog, have started a few before but never kept them going for very long so I am happy to have got to one year. How it started back at the beginning of last year and the direction it took wasn’t obviously planned however in terms of anything being planned I don’t think can say that much of 2017 was planned. Continue reading “1st Blog Birthday”

Last Blog of 2017

Photos are from a snowy winter walk around Mugdock on Wednesday and seemed like a good way to end my blogging for 2017. ( When I started this blog first thing this morning the plan was to be away for the weekend however the snow has hit Glasgow so may be here which means may have another blog!)

Could be very reflective on the past 12 months but I think at the moment I will leave that and instead just have some pretty pictures for people to look at. Enjoy.

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Blog Silence

Haven’t written a blog in a few weeks partly because it is this time of year and have been very busy as I am sure every one else has been as well. Hope everyone had a good Christmas!

Also I haven’t had that much to say and have been thinking about what I want to do with this blog. It started out to improve my photography and obviously has changed slightly as the year has gone on to be a lot about my mental health journey. I still want it to be that but I have got into the habit of the photos mainly being from my phone. While you can get great photos from your phone and there is nothing wrong with that I don’t want it to be become the norm. I want to get better with my DSLR so after todays blog I want it to be mainly photos with my camera.

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First Days

Had my first day at work yesterday, never thought it was going to be easy and it was very much hard work. It wasn’t even on a level that I was expecting but that seems to be the theme for this year and I suppose is always going to be theme. It isn’t what you are expecting that knocks for you for six but the unknown, the unseen, the side swipe that does the job. However it is about learning to deal with that and be able to cope with that as no matter what you do you are never going to be able to remove that element in life.

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Loch Ard In Winter

Took quite a few photos today when went for a walk at Loch Ard so thought would do an individual blog for them rather than just in the week round up. Water reflections is the main theme from today as it was completely flat calm and looked amazing, was hard to choose which photos to keep.  Continue reading “Loch Ard In Winter”


Theme of this weekend has very much been the freezing temperatures! It has been bitterly cold especially today with it not really getting above -2 all day. Of course had to be the day that I was eating my lunch outside to give Maia a good run around. However even with the cold temperatures have enjoyed getting outside and it does make for some great pictures.

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