Head Space Journey

Since the 14th of January it is save to say that my world has very much turned itself upside down completely.  For many months I have been suffering from anxiety and depression however I haven’t been talking to anyone about it and trying to handle it all myself. Have been putting myself under a huge amount of stress and pressure which has meant that I have slowly been coping less and less. Continue reading “Head Space Journey”


Christmas 2016

Before it gets too late to still talk about Christmas thought I had better do my blog for this Christmas.

I used to take lots of photos at christmas time but now trying to get the balance between getting the good photos but also enjoying my time and not having a camera on me all the time. Yes it can be good to capture the moment but what really makes the memories is living in the moment. As I said it is all about balance.

For the past couple of years my wife and I have gone through to the Edinburgh Christmas markets for the day. This year was particularly good as we actually managed to do some christmas shopping for other people and not just ourselves. It is a great day out and hopefully we can keep the tradition.

The first photo that I have chosen for this blog is from the Edinburgh Christmas market and I really wish that you could get smells form photos as the smells from this stall were amazing.

‘Got To Pick An Orange Or Two’ Nikon D60. Tamron lens 18 -200mm. ISO 400, F 4.2, Shutter 1/25.


The second photo I have chosen was taken in my home and really I just like the patterns that the lights make on the sheet music. I look at the picture and it makes me smile as it shows to me how cosy my home is especially at Christmas time. I don’t think it is the best picture for various reasons but actually I don’t care cause the photo makes me happy which is why it made it to into my blog.

‘Piano Lights’ Nikon D60. Tamron lens 18 – 200mm. ISO 800, F 4.5, Shutter 1/20.


I am of the age that a lot of my friends are getting married; actually a lot of my close group of friends are now married, including myself, and it is now baby time. However there is still a few weddings left to go. One of these happened on the 28th of December with the ceremony being at Glasgow university and then the reception at the Brig O’Doon Hotel in Ary. Was a very enjoyable day and they make a very happy couple.

I have taken photos at quite a few weddings now, some I find easier that others depending on time of year and whether inside or outside. This one was mainly inside which I always find a bit of a struggle with lighting, I am not a big fan of using my flash. My favourite photos at a wedding are very much of the candid style, in fact would say that is my general style when it comes to photographing people.

I wasn’t able to get many candid photos during this wedding one due to the lightning and two because I was enjoying catching up with friends and having a drink or two ( It was an open bar!) I also like to focus on the smaller details which is why I choose the photo “cutting the cake” to show in this blog. Yes the cutting of the cake is very much a staged photo however what I like about this photo is it has both their hands in it together and shows their new wedding rings. It is a photo that many other people won’t have because they will be focussing on the bigger picture of the couple with the cake.

“Cutting the Cake” Nikon D60. Tamron Lens 18-200mm. ISO 400, F 6.3, Shutter 1/60.

Dull Grey Days

The days that I find the hardest to take reasonable pictures in are when it is dull and grey which in Scotland can be quite a lot of the time. It is an area that I need to work on, quite often I just won’t take my camera however that isn’t going to let me get any better. Practice makes perfect.

The two pictures that I have chosen I wouldn’t say are particularly good photos however they were the best from those two dull grey days.

It is hopefully area that I am going to improve on and would be most welcome to any suggestions.


‘Icy Mirror’ Cathkin Braes 21/11/16 AM Nikon D60. Tamron 18 – 200mm ISO 100, F 4 , Shutter 1/60


‘Walk This Way’Mugdock 11/12/2016 AM Nikon D60. Tamron 18-200mm. ISO 400, F 4.2 Shutter 1/40




The Beginning

Back in November ’16 I had the thought that I would like to start doing more with my photography. I have very much been into photography for almost 10 years now but would love to take it further. It would be great at some stage to maybe be able to sell some of my photos however at the moment I just want to improve. A good starting point I thought would be to set up a photography blog: give me something to focus on and push myself. Hopefully also get feedback from other photographers. So what better time than at the beginning of a new year to set up this blog.

Since having the idea of this blog when I have been out with my camera I have chosen what I think it my best photo in order to showcase it on this blog. So my first few blogs are going to be a bit about those photos and where they were taken. It is going to be a bit of trial and error to find out what works for me in terms of blogging but hopefully will be talking about hill walks that I do and the photos taken on them. I love being in the outdoors so that will be the main theme of my photos however I am wanting to improve and get out of my comfort zone with my photos so really it is going to be a little bit of everything relating to photography.

I am going to try a minimum of once every two weeks however hopefully will be able to do more than that but want to set myself a realistic goal. Also thinking about setting myself a photography challenge each month so there will be a blog about that. Haven’t decided what January’s will be yet.

Most of the time the camera that I use will be a Nikon D60 and a Tamron lens 18-200m however I will give the details with each photo. I am very much a Nikon person. I have also tried to give the photos names which isn’t something that I usually do so shall see how that works.

Suppose now that I have talked the talk I better actually start putting some pictures in. My first photo is one that I took after having the idea for this blog. It is taken at Cathkin Braes, Glasgow, Scotland which is very close to where I work so an area that I enjoy to have a walk around with my camera.

‘Through The Leaves’

The photo was taken on the 21st of November 2016 in the morning using a Nikon D60 with a Tamron  lens 18-200mm. Iso 400, f 4.5 and shutter 1/60.