Dark Skies And Choppy Waters

Got out of the flat and surrounding area today which was very much needed. Good to get out of Glasgow and feel like I have done something with my day. When someone asks what have you done I have something to talk about. Really enjoyed being by the water as well, very much a healing factor.  Continue reading “Dark Skies And Choppy Waters”



 The past few days I feel like I have had a nuclear bomb dropped onto my world and wiped out everything that I have known before this point. I know it hasn’t wiped out everything and there is still a lot there but I am not at the stage to start looking for what is left or to change from knowing to feeling. Feels like a lot of my identity has gone and now I am lost about what to do.

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Your Element

Was just in Kintyre for the weekend; one very intense essentially life changing weekend however I feel that is probably to be talked about in a blog later on in the week. This blog is about your element, do you feel like there is a place that you just fit in, that it is good for your soul and just where you need to be? For me it is really anywhere that is to do with water but more specifically the sea and kayaking. Absolutely love kayaking but due to various reasons haven’t been able to get out on the water much in the past couple of years. Continue reading “Your Element”



On Tuesday I asked my wife to set me a theme for the photos before I headed out to Mugdock country park. She set the theme ‘blue’ however it was the least blue day when I arrived, very grey skies and nothing else blue. I wanted to take some photos so I changed the theme to ‘green’. Maybe bit of a cheat when in Scotland as that is basically any outdoors photo so was critical to which photos made the blog. So critical that I have ended up with one photo however I am pleased with it and would say it fits the bill of the theme green.

Not in the best of head spaces at the moment, hopefully I will get to a point where I will be able to explain that a bit further however not there yet, but think it has helped to have put down a date that I would next blog as I then have something to hold myself responsible to. I want to take my blogging further, to make a go of it so think the first place to start is to get out there more taking photos and blogging more.

NEXT BLOG: 24th April

Just Do It!

A lot of the trouble most of the time with depression is though you know what you should be doing and what will help is that you have no desire, want or motivation to go and do it. What’s the point? Continue reading “Just Do It!”

A Week In The Cairngorms

For the last week in March we both had the week off for my birthday so decided to camping in the cairngorms for the week. Got a larger tent last year so wanted to have the chance to use it for longer plus after the past few months we both needed to get away to spend some time just the two of us plus the dog ( Maia) of course. Was a great week, we were really lucky with the weather and being just before the school holidays it was fairly quite as well. Picked a good week to get away. Continue reading “A Week In The Cairngorms”