Everything about this photo makes me smile. Photo was taken while out for a walk in the sunshine with my wife and my dog, what isn’t there to smile about that. I couldn’t be happier or a luckier person to both of them in my life, they mean the world to me and both of them very much make me smile.

Day 11 of Challenge


Back To Routine

Today has been the first day since¬†that day where it has just been me by myself with Maia for during the day. Nothing stays the same ever and also at some point you have to go back to what the normal routine is. At the moment that is Kat being at work and myself not being at work, won’t be like that forever but for now that is what returning to “normal” is about.¬† Continue reading “Back To Routine”

Dancing In The Rain

“Life isn’t about waiting for the storm to pass it’s about learning to dance in the rain”

Vivan Greene

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Unit 2 Photos

For the practical assignment of unit 2 for my photography diploma I had to take photos using the different modes of the camera. Really to see the constraints of letting the camera do all the work and not choosing yourself what is required. So it was action in action mode, portrait in portrait mode, landscape in landscape mode and macro in macro mode.

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Swimming In Loch Ard

Couple of days in the past week I have gone down to Loch Ard and have gone for a swim. Brilliant that it has been warm enough to want to do that and actually need to do that. When it is really warm temperatures don’t like to take Maia anywhere that isn’t near water just so she has somewhere to cool down and plus it is fun being around water with her. That is what life is about isn’t it, having fun when you can. That seems to more important than ever at the moment.

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Maia In The Sunset

Had the opportunity when in Kintyre to have a BBQ on the beach for dinner and then get the chance to watch the sunset. Pretty special with some amazing views. Out of the whole week that I was down there the above photo is one of my favourite, was a snap and shoot which is what it has to be with our dog a lot of the time but it worked out well.

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