First Days

Had my first day at work yesterday, never thought it was going to be easy and it was very much hard work. It wasn’t even on a level that I was expecting but that seems to be the theme for this year and I suppose is always going to be theme. It isn’t what you are expecting that knocks for you for six but the unknown, the unseen, the side swipe that does the job. However it is about learning to deal with that and be able to cope with that as no matter what you do you are never going to be able to remove that element in life.

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Theme of this weekend has very much been the freezing temperatures! It has been bitterly cold especially today with it not really getting above -2 all day. Of course had to be the day that I was eating my lunch outside to give Maia a good run around. However even with the cold temperatures have enjoyed getting outside and it does make for some great pictures.

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Bank Of Me

No this isn’t a blog about money. For a while I have been listening to motivational speeches pretty much every day, they registered more some days than they do others but that is to be expected. Yeah they can be quite clich├ęd however they help and that is what matters. There is a few things that stick in my head and one of them is about every decision you matters, it might not feel like it but it still matters. You are either now or the future putting the bank of you into credit or debit and which one do you want to be in? Yes it might not feel like going that extra kilometre in that walk really matters or makes a difference but it is all adding up the credit in the bank of you.

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I enjoy and have always enjoyed feeling like I have had a weekend, that I have done something with the days. Even with not working for the past few months I still have that sense of a week and a weekend so like to get to a Sunday evening and feel like I have had a weekend. Variety is a big key I feel as breaks the days up and that more has been accomplished.

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December Challenge

Until it reaches the 1st of December I am not very christmassy however soon as that date arrives I love everything about Christmas. The countdown, the tree, wrapping presents, watching the films, the food and being able to wear christmas jumpers. Just everything about it really, I am like a big kid and totally believe in the magic of it all. Can’t wait to see the coca-cola advert and then the holidays really are coming!

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Trip To Manchester

Just got back late last night from a trip down to Manchester for an induction course for work. Train down on Sunday evening and then back up Monday evening. The photos are ones that I took on my phone while there; mostly of what I had to eat and drink but a few others!

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