Prime Lens

Went for a walk today with my 50mm prime lens, have had the lens for a few years but really haven’t used it that much. Over the past couple of weeks my headspace has been in a better place however bit of a dip yesterday evening and today. Going out for a walk with my camera helped but also using this lens because it meant I had to think about the photos a lot more so gave my brain something to focus on.

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“Rock bottom became the solid foundation on which I rebuilt my life.”

I feel over the past few months that I have reached rock bottom and then something else would happen and I would feel worse. It was heart wrenching and soul destroying, just felt like how much more do I have to deal with for this to be my worse. I almost just wanted it to get the worst that it could so then I knew that I have nowhere else to keep going down to that when I did go low again that I knew where that was, that I had experience of it and coming back. That everything wasn’t so new!  Continue reading “Baseline”

Maia In The Sunset

Had the opportunity when in Kintyre to have a BBQ on the beach for dinner and then get the chance to watch the sunset. Pretty special with some amazing views. Out of the whole week that I was down there the above photo is one of my favourite, was a snap and shoot which is what it has to be with our dog a lot of the time but it worked out well.

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Can’t Talk, Won’t Talk, Must Talk.

Talk talk talk talk talk talk talk talk talk talk talk and talk. That is what I have to do. Improving your mental health is about talking, that is really what is going to make the difference and help.

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Dull Grey Days

The days that I find the hardest to take reasonable pictures in are when it is dull and grey which in Scotland can be quite a lot of the time. It is an area that I need to work on, quite often I just won’t take my camera however that isn’t going to let me get any better. Practice makes perfect.

The two pictures that I have chosen I wouldn’t say are particularly good photos however they were the best from those two dull grey days.

It is hopefully area that I am going to improve on and would be most welcome to any suggestions.


‘Icy Mirror’ Cathkin Braes 21/11/16 AM Nikon D60. Tamron 18 – 200mm ISO 100, F 4 , Shutter 1/60


‘Walk This Way’Mugdock 11/12/2016 AM Nikon D60. Tamron 18-200mm. ISO 400, F 4.2 Shutter 1/40