Enjoy Your Monday

It is sometimes very easy to get into the way of seeing Monday as a drag and just a day to get through however it is about enjoying every day. If you spend the whole week wishing for the weekend then you end up wishing away more of your life than you are actually getting to enjoy. So it is about enjoying your Monday!

Day 27 of Challenge


Weekend Away

Getting ready today for a weekend away with Kat in York, can’t wait to get out and about with my camera. Ever since I have got a DSLR I have wanted to go back to York to take pictures so am very excited to be getting the oppertunity this weekend. Both of us have been but not since we were children so will be great going together and having a weekend away.

Day 10 of Challenge

A Week On

So yesterday was a week on from last Friday and that being the worst that I have ever felt. My brain makes a lot of associations with everything and remembers some aspects in a lot of detail so I was expecting some moments to be harder which they were but overall it was a pretty good day and a world apart from the week before.

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Prime Lens

Went for a walk today with my 50mm prime lens, have had the lens for a few years but really haven’t used it that much. Over the past couple of weeks my headspace has been in a better place however bit of a dip yesterday evening and today. Going out for a walk with my camera helped but also using this lens because it meant I had to think about the photos a lot more so gave my brain something to focus on.

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