Just Do It!

A lot of the trouble most of the time with depression is though you know what you should be doing and what will help is that you have no desire, want or motivation to go and do it. What’s the point? Continue reading “Just Do It!”


A Week In The Cairngorms

For the last week in March we both had the week off for my birthday so decided to camping in the cairngorms for the week. Got a larger tent last year so wanted to have the chance to use it for longer plus after the past few months we both needed to get away to spend some time just the two of us plus the dog ( Maia) of course. Was a great week, we were really lucky with the weather and being just before the school holidays it was fairly quite as well. Picked a good week to get away. Continue reading “A Week In The Cairngorms”


On Tuesday I had an unexpected day off so asked my wife to set  theme for the photos and my blog. Water in any form was the set theme.

I went for a walk around Mugdock Reservoir, somewhere I have driven past many a time but never walked around it. Mainly cause it always looks so busy. Well the weather was miserable on Tuesday so I hardly saw anyone! Glad that I have done it but wouldn’t rush to do it again, it is a flat walk around a man made feature. Nice but not great.

Below are the three photos that I thought were the best for the water theme. The hardest bit was trying to keep the camera dry enough to take the pictures of water.





Last weekend my wife and I went to her family home to stay and it was the first time that had both been there together since everything really started to come out with how I am feeling. It was always going to be a hard weekend with all the memories, emotions and talk happening but it felt like the right thing to do. Sometimes you need to go through that hard stuff to find the good stuff. Continue reading “Memories”

Phone Photo


Sometimes it just isn’t the weather to take your camera out with you however something that I always have with me is my phone. I have a liveproof case so am happy to have it out in all weathers which means I always have the opportunity to take a picture. I don’t tend to do much with them apart from share with family and friends or just for myself. Occasionally I take a picture that I really like and also might not have got with my Nikon and for me this is one of these pictures.

Hint Of Spring

For the time being I have cut back my work hours in order to focus on getting better and try to work out what I want to do with my life. I want/need to get out into the outdoors more, what better professional help is there than Mother Nature. Continue reading “Hint Of Spring”

If Buildings Could Talk

Decided as part of doing more photography that sometimes before heading out I am going to set myself a theme for the photos that I will be taking and then blog about that outing.

I started this project today when taking my dog, Maia out for a walk today. We live very close to Gartnavel hospital and with Gartnavel Royal being a Psychiatric hospital which has been there since 1843 it has lovely grounds. It is also pretty quiet which is perfect for me and Maia. My theme today was to take pictures just in black and white with my Nikon D60 with the tamron lens 18 – 200mm.

Some of the buildings are boarded up and very derelict which makes them very atmospheric. Also made me think what if buildings could talk or if we could listen and hear them. A hospital would surely have loads of stories and especially a psychiatric one. What sights and sounds it must have seen over the many years.

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