Since being signed off work it is very easy to get fixated on work and all the questions and decisions going round in my head to do with that. What I need to also remember that while I am not at work it opens up opportunities that I wouldn’t have got if I had been at work. One of those is getting the chance to see areas of Scotland that I haven’t been to before.

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 The past few days I feel like I have had a nuclear bomb dropped onto my world and wiped out everything that I have known before this point. I know it hasn’t wiped out everything and there is still a lot there but I am not at the stage to start looking for what is left or to change from knowing to feeling. Feels like a lot of my identity has gone and now I am lost about what to do.

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Head Space Journey

Since the 14th of January it is save to say that my world has very much turned itself upside down completely.  For many months I have been suffering from anxiety and depression however I haven’t been talking to anyone about it and trying to handle it all myself. Have been putting myself under a huge amount of stress and pressure which has meant that I have slowly been coping less and less. Continue reading “Head Space Journey”