Since being signed off work it is very easy to get fixated on work and all the questions and decisions going round in my head to do with that. What I need to also remember that while I am not at work it opens up opportunities that I wouldn’t have got if I had been at work. One of those is getting the chance to see areas of Scotland that I haven’t been to before.

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“Rock bottom became the solid foundation on which I rebuilt my life.”

I feel over the past few months that I have reached rock bottom and then something else would happen and I would feel worse. It was heart wrenching and soul destroying, just felt like how much more do I have to deal with for this to be my worse. I almost just wanted it to get the worst that it could so then I knew that I have nowhere else to keep going down to that when I did go low again that I knew where that was, that I had experience of it and coming back. That everything wasn’t so new!  Continue reading “Baseline”

Importance of Sleep

Sleep is something that is quite often affected by depression and actually anything to do with your mental health and your physical health to that matter as well.  It also plays a huge factor in the journey to getting better again. Lack of sleep affects everything.

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Maia In The Sunset

Had the opportunity when in Kintyre to have a BBQ on the beach for dinner and then get the chance to watch the sunset. Pretty special with some amazing views. Out of the whole week that I was down there the above photo is one of my favourite, was a snap and shoot which is what it has to be with our dog a lot of the time but it worked out well.

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Can’t Talk, Won’t Talk, Must Talk.

Talk talk talk talk talk talk talk talk talk talk talk and talk. That is what I have to do. Improving your mental health is about talking, that is really what is going to make the difference and help.

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What do you feel? How are you feeling about that? What would you feel if this happened? What did you feel about that? What are your feelings? How are you feeling? How do you feel? What are you feeling?

Depression is all about talking and more specifically talking about feelings and emotions however a lot of the time it is just numbness. You know there is so much going on and there but it is like it is hidden inside an invisibility cloak that when you look at it there way for it to blend in is to show nothing however you still know that it is there. Hiding it doesn’t take it away what takes it away is removing the cloak and seeing what is there. Tidying a room by putting everything messy inside a box yeah gives the appearance of being tidy however you have just moved the mess and put it somewhere is rather than dealing with it.

Knowing this and actually being able to do something about it is two very different things. There is sometimes where you don’t want to feel anything and you are then feeling everything and then there are other times where you want to feel something, to have an emotion, to know that you are alive and instead you feel nothing. Neither are any easier to deal with.


Photo Details:

Sunny Day at Tayinloan with a sea fog.

Taken on Nikon D60

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