Loch Ard In Winter

Took quite a few photos today when went for a walk at Loch Ard so thought would do an individual blog for them rather than just in the week round up. Water reflections is the main theme from today as it was completely flat calm and looked amazing, was hard to choose which photos to keep.  Continue reading “Loch Ard In Winter”


Prime Lens

Went for a walk today with my 50mm prime lens, have had the lens for a few years but really haven’t used it that much. Over the past couple of weeks my headspace has been in a better place however bit of a dip yesterday evening and today. Going out for a walk with my camera helped but also using this lens because it meant I had to think about the photos a lot more so gave my brain something to focus on.

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Creating Your Office

One of the days that I was down in Clachan I went for a long walk along Westport beach, absolutely love being on the beach next to the sea. Sometimes there really is nothing better and is exactly what is needed to think and not think. While there I sent a few picture messages to people joking about a tough day at the office which made me think I could make this my office.

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Bonnie Banks Of Loch Lomond

Don’t often tend to head to Loch Lomond on a nice day as always very busy however yesterday with it still being school term and during the week we thought we would make the most of the good weather.

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On Tuesday I asked my wife to set me a theme for the photos before I headed out to Mugdock country park. She set the theme ‘blue’ however it was the least blue day when I arrived, very grey skies and nothing else blue. I wanted to take some photos so I changed the theme to ‘green’. Maybe bit of a cheat when in Scotland as that is basically any outdoors photo so was critical to which photos made the blog. So critical that I have ended up with one photo however I am pleased with it and would say it fits the bill of the theme green.

Not in the best of head spaces at the moment, hopefully I will get to a point where I will be able to explain that a bit further however not there yet, but think it has helped to have put down a date that I would next blog as I then have something to hold myself responsible to. I want to take my blogging further, to make a go of it so think the first place to start is to get out there more taking photos and blogging more.

NEXT BLOG: 24th April

Hint Of Spring

For the time being I have cut back my work hours in order to focus on getting better and try to work out what I want to do with my life. I want/need to get out into the outdoors more, what better professional help is there than Mother Nature. Continue reading “Hint Of Spring”

If Buildings Could Talk

Decided as part of doing more photography that sometimes before heading out I am going to set myself a theme for the photos that I will be taking and then blog about that outing.

I started this project today when taking my dog, Maia out for a walk today. We live very close to Gartnavel hospital and with Gartnavel Royal being a Psychiatric hospital which has been there since 1843 it has lovely grounds. It is also pretty quiet which is perfect for me and Maia. My theme today was to take pictures just in black and white with my Nikon D60 with the tamron lens 18 – 200mm.

Some of the buildings are boarded up and very derelict which makes them very atmospheric. Also made me think what if buildings could talk or if we could listen and hear them. A hospital would surely have loads of stories and especially a psychiatric one. What sights and sounds it must have seen over the many years.

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