Chilly Devilla Forest Walk

Spent today in Kirkcaldy with my Mother-in-law and on the way there this morning stopped off at Devilla forest for a walk with Maia. Very very chilly but a lovely morning and enjoyed being out with my camera.

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Got back yesterday from a lovely weekend in York, we drove down on Friday and were really lucky with the time that we made. Was expecting to be there a lot later but luckily Kat managed to get away from work a little bit earlier and we made very good time. Continue reading “York”

Happy Walk

Had a really good walk today with Kat and Maia down at Loch Ard again. My mother -in- law said from the photos that Kat took and shared that I looked genuinely happy which is always good to hear! Felt like I was as well so happy to hear that that showed in my smile and eyes.

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Autumn Colours

Always find this time of year amazing for colours to see the greens turning to browns, oranges and reds. I would be hard to pick a favourite season as there is something good in all of them but my favourite part of this season is very much the colours.

So was great to go for a walk yesterday down at Loch Ard and get to enjoy all the colours. Was a bit of a grey day weather wise but actually that didn’t really matter , apart from the home ward stretch back to the car there wasn’t any rain. After spending so much time in the outdoors over the past few months and now that being reduced was good to use the opportunity yesterday to get outside.

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Fun On The Water

In the past week Kat and I have managed to get out on the water at Loch Lomond twice. Really want to try to get out kayaking at least once a week if we can, great fun and good exercise. It also helps just to get out onto the water.

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Glenbranter Cycle

Haven’t written a blog in over two weeks, haven’t really felt inspired to take photos of anything or to write about anything. However wanted that to change again and as with most things it is getting started which is the hard bit.

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