Loch Ard In Winter

Took quite a few photos today when went for a walk at Loch Ard so thought would do an individual blog for them rather than just in the week round up. Water reflections is the main theme from today as it was completely flat calm and looked amazing, was hard to choose which photos to keep.  Continue reading “Loch Ard In Winter”



I enjoy and have always enjoyed feeling like I have had a weekend, that I have done something with the days. Even with not working for the past few months I still have that sense of a week and a weekend so like to get to a Sunday evening and feel like I have had a weekend. Variety is a big key I feel as breaks the days up and that more has been accomplished.

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Chilly Devilla Forest Walk

Spent today in Kirkcaldy with my Mother-in-law and on the way there this morning stopped off at Devilla forest for a walk with Maia. Very very chilly but a lovely morning and enjoyed being out with my camera.

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Snowy Whangie

First walk of the season in the snow and was a fair amount of snow as well. Again left Glasgow and wasn’t expecting the day to turn out like that. Was thinking it would be cold but didn’t realise the snow was lying so low.

Didn’t have a huge amount of motivation this morning but wanted to do the Whangie ( a hill outside of Glasgow ) so knew that I just had to go for it. Sometimes it is just about committing to something whether the motivation is there or not, if you want for that then you may never move.

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One Day At A Time

Had dip in my mood yesterday evening ; it can be hard sometimes not to start thinking/ worrying/ stressing about stuff coming up in the near future and in the more distant future. Of course it doesn’t do any good and no one knows what is going to happen so for most of it it is completely out of anyone’s control. Still hard to stop the thoughts though and once there is one negative thought that opens the door for a lot more to start.

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A Week On

So yesterday was a week on from last Friday and that being the worst that I have ever felt. My brain makes a lot of associations with everything and remembers some aspects in a lot of detail so I was expecting some moments to be harder which they were but overall it was a pretty good day and a world apart from the week before.

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